Berea Sandstone™ Petroleum Cores

Berea Sandstone Petroleum Cores

For over 25 years, the Petroleum Industry has been using Berea Sandstone™ as the sandstone test material of choice. The Berea Sandstone™ has excellent, uniform material properties. Researchers throughout the world have performed thousands of core flooding tests using the Berea Sandstone™ to characterize the oil production in other sandstone reservoirs during primary, secondary, and tertiary oil flooding. The literature is filled with published results of numerous tests, so researchers throughout the world can compare results and optimize their own processes.

The chemical composition of the Berea Sandstone™ are well known and are as follows:

Permeability Range Availability
Silica SiO2 93.13% Less than 50 mD As Available
Alumina AI2O3 3.86% 50-100 mD Rare
Ferric Oxide Fe2O3 .11% 100-200 mD Available - Standard
Ferrous Oxide FeO .54% 200-500 mD Rare
Magnesium Oxide MgO .25% 500-1000 mD As Available
Calcium Oxide CaO .10% Greater than 1000 mD Rare
Compressive Strength averages 11,000-12,000 PSI